Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pimp my bike

Today the Auckland Greens on Campus, complete with two young candidates showed cycling, though currently dangerous, can be awesome. Courtesy of some spray paint, plus a collection of cool accessories, we pimped bikes. The above was one of our beautiful creations, though the owner did the spray painting himself. Ah, the beauty of cheap bikes and the willingness to decorate that goes with them.

In this photo is myself, fellow young Candidate for Te Atutu Xavier Goldie and committed Young Green Ruby Haazen with some of our beautiful cycle/bumper stickers at our stall table. A lot of such stall attending has been going on the last few weeks, but with exams coming up they will have to take a back step. But never fear, highly ranked young Candidate Gareth Hughes is coming up to Auckland on Saturday for some media events, some more pub crawling, and some more bicycle pimping. Should be a great weekend!

If you're interested in coming on the pub crawl on Saturday night just drop me an email,